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Got the first one 6 months ago, and always wanted to get the second one. It is really nice to have it during the summer outdoor activities. Fitness Towel
Really easy to unfold and place in the windshield. This gave me total sun protection, when i get in my car i dont get burned! Really easy to fold back up and popp in the back.
All came individually sealed in Ziploc do not get around humidity beautiful investment i cant wait to watch it flourish.
Most don't do much and the shells are chunky and thick. Even the better known brands are so heavy that the hands of small toddlers would have trouble gripping them. I found this one on Amazon. Com and no other location. I can send it back easily if it does not work right. click for mor...
I do see a difference with this product - I feel pumped up a bit everywhere - but my hands look much younger than they have in the past years - they seem to get thinner and the skin falls inside the veins and bones but now they look pumped up and fuller - making them look younger - if this can help my hands then I know it is helping my face - I have a long face but this is filling it in a bit - lo...

Headed to Africa ...

Posted by Ray39 3 hours ago (
I would get another on instantly if I were going to remote areas or camping frequently. I would recommend this unit for value and function.
A specific video concentrating on EVS' Pet Peeve pet stain and odor removal spray, found online at, is among those spearheading the series, and thoroughly covers all the details about the product including its professional industrial strength neutralizing power, seal of approval by leading vets and Ironclad Guarantee. The search for a pet odor and stain eliminator that actually works is...

Four Stars

Posted by EllenJ23 6 hours ago (
This is a very good Eye cream. I did not see a whole lot of improvement on the crows feet and lines around eyes, but it made the skin around eye area feel and look smooth. more tips by this author
The Trunx Expanding Hose has actually been incredible since I purchased it from Amazon. A total revelation in fact. It comes in a terrific box with really useful storage bag, 8-setting spray nozzle, is set and prepared for basic US water facets and features a terrific guidelines booklet. The design is at its finest with an extra strong inner tube and is available in a cool blue colour! There'...
It is also available in its very own online store It handles all types of phones, tablets, and portable devices like MP3 player, camera, and all other USB enabled gadgets. see entire power bank post
Under the popular Roxgear brand, the belt has been getting the attention of not only fitness buffs, but also outdoor, exercise and party people because of its improved versatility. According to the company the belt is designed to hold as many essential items as possible while still holding its sleek and fashionable design of its original design. ...
Not only did I get a rich and creamy daily moisturizer, but my face cream gets rid of dead skin and nourishes my skin simultaneously. My skin has been clear of acne and looks fantastic. I have even saved money since my daily face moisturizer is so multi-functional. click for other face moisturizer post...
This armband is constructed of high quality materials and is durable. I have found it very helpful for jogging and cycling. In addition, the armband is moisture proof, which is very helpful if you live in a high humidity/ above average rainfall climate. With this armband, I am able to keep my phone firmly in place, while having excellent access to all the features on my phone. I can easily skip so...



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